Wounded Soldiers Skydive Into World Record Book

Wounded Soldiers Skydive Into World Record Book.


Wounded Soldiers Skydive Into World Record Book



Pilgrim Bandits the national charity that provides gruelling physical challenges for injured service personnel has secured the Guinness World Record for the greatest number of tandem skydivers in 24 hours.

Netheravon APA, WiltshirImagee, UK. On Saturday 8th June 2Image013.  177  charity sponsored skydivers filled the sky above Salisbury Plain to beat the Guinness World Record (previously 160) and to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D Day. 

The Pilgrim Bandits were formed by ex-special forces personnel with the intention of providing hope and motivation through expeditions and physical challenges for wounded men and women from all the services.     A recent hard-core trek across the Norwegian Tundra retracing the steps of the famous WWII Heroes of Telemark has just been completed to mark the 70th anniversary of the original mission.

Saturday’s operation saw 173 members of the public, each sponsored to jump, accompanied by wounded soldiers; Cpl Ricky Ferguson from Telford who holds the Military Cross (pictured above)  who sustained the loss of both legs, fingers and an eye in the Afghan conflict.  Sapper Jim Wilson from Lymington who lost both legs in Afghan along with Jake Bartlett from Leeds who lost a leg in Afghanistan. Also jumping were Sgt Colin Hamilton, from Inverness who sustained injuries and terrible burns in Kosovo and Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson MBE from Doncaster (pictured left coming into land and holding Guinness World Record certificate below) who confounded medical opinion to survive the worst recorded battlefield injuries including the loss of both legs, a brain injury and 40 other major wounds following an Afghan IED explosion in 2006.

On landing Jake Bartlett said, You can’t just sit at home and feel sorry for yourself, you’ve got to get up and crack on with your life. It’s not the end of it it’s the beginning.  This is an amazing day – I am so proud to be part of it.”

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The sports science used to monitor football player performance is being employed to deliver revolutionary shopper research.

Shopper Retail Insight (SRI) is using the same sophisticated analytics used for assessing player performance in Premiership, Championship and Major League football clubs to deliver factual understanding of shopper behavior.  This innovative research tool offers retailers and brand owners an unmatched level of insight in rapid time.

VentureAxis, the sisterImage company to SRI, is the leading provider of this type of analytical technology to football all over the World.  Drawing on the same technological principles SRI has advanced the expertise so that, for the first time, it is possible to understand factually exactly how customers behave en-mass in an array of leading retail and/or brand environments.

Charles Offer, Director of Shopper Retail Insight explains, “This technology is tried, trusted and proven.  Distance, route and actions of footballers are very similar to distance, route and actions of shoppers.  How many seconds on the ball translates into how many seconds browsing a fixture.  This is not about watching individuals in a big-brother fashion but understanding patterns of shopper behavior and producing tangible insights that benefit brands and retailers.”

The SRI research tool, which delivers the same kind of information to bricks-and-mortar businesses as cookies do to internet sellers, is available in a choice of four core services; Store Scan – entire store research, CAT scan – category level insight, Service Scan – monitors staff interaction and Promo Scan – provides individual promotions monitoring.  Customers already utilising SRI include brands from more than 10 countries including P&G, Diageo and SABMiller and UK retailers including Tesco.

“Existing research techniques tell us what shopper’s buy.” says Charles.  “What we don’t know is how shoppers behave when they are shopping.  What they actually do and just as importantly what they don’t do.  I’d suggest that a retailer would want to know if they were losing £75m of revenue per year due to shoppers abandoning the check-out queue.”Using inconspicuous digital recording equipment, the Group analyses over 500,000 hours of sports and retail video every year.  Group processing centers around the world handle huge quantities of captured data for SRI and harvest quality-controlled, confidential and detailed insight far more quickly than with existing research options.  The outputs which include heat-map imaging are generated in weeks rather than not months.

All SRI data is extracted from real-time and the actual physical volume of store footfall rather than a limited or restricted sample

“SRI operates in the real-world not the sample-research-world.  Consumers behave differently when they are being researched and traditional in-store methods are constrained by the limitations of how many shoppers it is possible to accompany.”  Says Charles.


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Shopper Retail Insight is a VentureAxis Ltd business.


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